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We specialize in obedience, socialization and behavior training using positive reinforcement and rewards based training. Our trainers have made it their goal to make high quality training accessible to everyone.

Aviva Shtull

Aviva focuses on helping dog owners understand what they need to do in order to create humane, respectful, and clear communication between them and their dogs. With 20+ years of working with dogs she is an expert at canine body language, behaviour and understanding what a dog needs to thrive. She is an educator and an absolute dog nerd.

Dave Tomey

Dave was inspired to get into the dog training industry by his dog, Ellie-May. He socialized and trained her from a young age and then had to repeat all of her training again after a serious leg injury. In the process, he adapted traditional techniques to be force free and still yield incredible results.

Emma Cilliers

Emma has been involved with animals for as long as she can remember. Emma has never met a dog she doesn’t like – and she has worked in the pet industry for 8 years, previously as a dog daycare attendant and as a veterinary technician.

Danika Postle

Danika’s primary goal in dog training is to make sure that the bond between you and your dog always comes first. Ultimately, she aims to help dog owners ditch the struggle and instead find a sense of peace with their dogs.

Our certifications:

All of our trainers participate in annual professional development as well as constant research, seminars, online courses, reading and of course learning from the hundreds of dogs and people we work with on a regular basis. All trainers that join our team go through an intensive 3-6 month training process to ensure skillset, competence, knowledge and cultural fit.

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