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New Puppy Checklist

Join ReadyDog co-founder Aviva for this 30 minute class, and walk through the essentials for setting you and your new puppy up for success.

The 5 topics for this class are:

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Who can benefit from this free class?

Anyone with a puppy!

Seriously. Whether you’re starting to think about adding a puppy to your family, or you’ve already got one in your home, this class is packed with tips from an expert, industry-leading trainer. You also  get a downloadable checklist!

Anyone overwhelmed with their puppy

Feelings of overwhelm are super normal with a puppy in the house.  Puppies can be a major handful, but with Aviva’s guide and checklist you can set a clear, consistent routine and make sure you have all your bases covered. 

Anyone with a new foster/rescue/adoption

The tips in this class don’t just apply to puppies. The same steps apply to dogs of all ages! Anytime you welcome a new doggo into your family you can use this checklist to make sure you’re ready to go.

Meet your Trainer

Aviva Shtull

Co-Founder and Master Trainer at ReadyDog

Aviva focuses on helping dog owners understand what they need to do in order to create humane, respectful, and clear communication between them and their dogs. With 20+ years of working with dogs, she’s an expert at canine body language, behavior and understanding what a dog needs to thrive. She is an educator and an absolute dog nerd.

We're here to help

Aviva and the trainers at ReadyDog have made it their mission to support and educate dog owners. From our free classes to workshops and even our full program, our goal is to give valuable and applicable information at every step.


“Their approach in classes to both puppy and puppy owner was very attractive and pleasing in a way that holds your attention.  Their stories, smiles and positive reinforcement worked for me and worked even better with my puppy.”

- Jeff


“Knowledgable, thorough, and you can clearly see how passionate they are about their job and dogs. Would recommend to anyone with a new puppy or looking to improve their relationship with their dog.”

- Bree


“Their training methodology is science-based, gentle, kind, and it has proven itself effective for my dog. I found the trainer to be knowledgeable, skilled, patient, and kind. She was an excellent communicator for both handler and puppy.”

- Frank


“It is training with care and compassion and it has worked to change our dogs behaviour. They are so generous with their knowledge”

- Ashley

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