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The most effective training is between an owner and their dog. ReadyDog’s online courses are made to teach you everything you need to know to work WITH your dog. Watch videos at your own pace – on any device. Train at home, on your walks, or at the park!

What makes ReadyDog different?

Dog psychology and fundamentals

Train faster and communicate with your dog effectively! We teach you how dogs learn and what they are communicating.

Lifelong skill building

We break down essential obedience skills into practical programs to give you an incredibly strong foundation.

Training for every age and breed

Our courses are designed for dogs of any age or breed, and for owners ready to work WITH their dog to learn new skills.

What’s included?

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“Bear is a really big puppy with lots of energy and lots of love to give. Through all of the training we have been able to channel his energy into positive interactions with him and we are so impressed with his growth.”


“Our Golden Retriever is 9 months old now and we use the tips and tricks learnt on a daily basis. (Our dog is sitting next to me as I type this review and she wholeheartedly agrees).”


“We practiced our new skills at home, parks, trails, and wherever we could go to learn and get better at managing Reese’s anxiety. The hard work paid off and Reese is now a very happy boy who’s a pleasure to walk!”


“Knowledgable, thorough, and you can clearly see how passionate they are about their job and dogs. Would recommend to anyone with a new puppy or looking to improve their relationship with their dog.”

Jump in and follow along with any of our programs:

Strengthen your bond with your dog by taking a realistic approach to training.

a dog on a bench with its owner

The Fundamentals of Dog Training

How dogs learn and how to train effectively

dog shaking a paw

Foundation Skills

Build your skills with an in-depth look at the basic commands

a dog walking on a leash

Leash Walking

Turn your sled dog into the perfect companion

a dog being rewarded

Reliable Recall

The top skill for trust and safety with your dog

Two dogs on a bed

Calm and in Control

Teach your dog to relax more often and when you need it

a dog play biting

Puppy Biting!

Learn why puppies bite and how to manage it

Babies and Dogs Safety Workshop

Make sure your family is safe and worry free 

dog in a comfy crate

Crate Training

Give your dog a safe, quiet space of their own

Problem Behavior Framework

Learn how to assess, and correct behavioral issues

What is the ReadyDog training method?

Our training techniques are based on motivation, educational and rewards-based training. We want dogs and their owners to understand each other’s needs and learn to communicate clearly with each other. Training should be fun for you and your dog!

Flexible membership options:



billed every month



billed every 6 months at $60



single payment

All memberships come with these benefits:


Not at all! ReadyDog is made to have value for any dog owner. Whether this is your first dog, you’re looking for a refresher, or new skills for your most recent fur-family addition, ReadyDog has a program that will help!

There is no minimum age to start training, but for puppies younger than eight weeks it’s best to stick to our puppy biting and intro class until they have a bit more of an attention span. 

Puppies in general have a shorter attention span and learn best in short sessions, but it’s a fantastic idea to start training and building your relationship as early as you can!

We have our all-access on-demand library available via membership. The subscription cost is $12 CAD monthly, or you can save with a semi-annual or annual membership.

All of our trainers participate in annual professional development as well as constant research, seminars, online courses, reading and of course learning from the hundreds of dogs and people we work with on a regular basis. All trainers that join our team go through an intensive 3-6 month training process to ensure skillset, competence, knowledge and cultural fit.

Yes! The curriculum is specifically structured to ensure you’re following along step-by-step in a way that shows clear progress. We’ve also got fun things like badges and certificates for your dog to show off to their fur-iends and brag about their progress!

Not at this time! Training your dog takes time and commitment, and every dog is different, so some may take longer than others and offering a free trial won’t give some dogs enough time to achieve their goals. You and your dog need to spend time working together! You can also check out our free Puppy Checklist class here!

While we don’t offer any of our full lessons for free, we do share a lot of free tips, tricks, tools, and some of our golden rules on our social media channels. You can also check out our free Puppy Checklist class here!

A little reputation goes a long way

We don’t just work with dog owners. We work within the community nationwide, offering support, leadership, and guidance. From pet stores to rescue organizations and humane societies, we’re passionate about the well-being and happiness of dogs and owners alike. We’re proud to work with:

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