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a dog on a bench with its owner

The Fundamentals of Dog Training

How dogs learn and how to train effectively

Dog Equipment
The Golden Rules
Positive Reinforcement
Learning Theory
Marker Training
Building Reliability
dog shaking a paw

Foundation Skills

Build your skills with an in-depth look at the basic commands

Sit Command
Stay Command
Look Command
Side Command
Leave it
Drop it
a dog walking on a leash

Leash Walking

Turn your sled dog into the perfect companion

Loose Leash Skills
Heel Command
Structuring Walks
The Outside Turn
Common Problems
a dog being rewarded

Reliable Recall

The top skill for trust and safety with your dog

4 Rules of Recall
Recall Cues
Bonus Recall Skills
Two dogs on a bed

Calm and in Control

Teach your dog to relax more often and when you need it

Down Command
Down + Stay Command
Place Command
Encouraging Relaxation
a dog play biting

Puppy Biting!

Learn why puppies bite and how to manage it

Why Puppies Bite
Do's and Don'ts
Alternate Behaviour
Addressing Excitement
Touch Command
Puppy Games

Babies and Dogs Safety Workshop

Make sure your family is safe and worry free 

Dog Psychology
How to Prepare
Body Language
Common Mistakes
dog in a comfy crate

Crate Training

Give your dog a safe, quiet space of their own

Proper Sizing
Why Crate Train?
Myths and Misconceptions
Crate A-Z
Crate Games
A dog with a ruined pillow

Problem Behaviour Framework

Learn how to assess, and correct behavioural issues

Why Dogs Misbehave
The Three A's
Behaviour Checklist
Adding Structure

Quick Tips

Short tips on dog behavior, fun things to try, and more! 


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