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The whole team at ReadyDog is so excited to have launched, and to everyone who’s joined our pack – thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm. We are hard at work on the next steps for ReadyDog, and the content we’ve released so far is just the tip of the iceberg – we have 100+ more videos planned! We will be releasing a full roadmap of future series coming to ReadyDog soon.

The next series our team is currently working on:

  1. Problem Behaviours: expanding on everything learned in our Basic Obedience series and more
  2. Enrichment + Engagement: games and activities you can do with your pup on yucky weather days, to build your relationship with your dog, or for those dogs who need a little extra brain exercise
  3. Basic Obedience Docu-Series: Follow along with Danika as she teaches an in-person Basic Obedience class
  4. Puppy Series: More on this soon…

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